Visit Our Picture-Perfect Vineyard

Make the drive to Dyke, VA for stunning views and local wine

Come for the flavors and stay for the views that you'll only find at Stone Mountain Vineyards in Dyke, VA. You'll find breathtaking views from our deck that you can't get at any other vineyard in Virginia. At over 1,700 feet up, we invite you to visit us, sip our wines and enjoy the serene, relaxing setting.

We look forward to seeing you! Feel free to reach out today to arrange for a tour of our beautiful local winery.

Wine lovers welcome

If you consider yourself a bit of a wine aficionado, then you'll love our wine club. Stone Mountain Vineyards is a local winery in Dyke, VA that produces amazing sweet and dry wines. Our varieties include:

  • Rosé
  • Pinot noir
  • Port
  • Cherry
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon blanc
  • Pinot grigio

With over 300 members in the club, you won't want to miss out! Call today to find out how you can take part in our community of wine lovers.

Plan a dreamy day at our local winery

If you're going to be anywhere in the Dyke, VA area, you should definitely make time to stop by Stone Mountain Vineyards. Here, you can:

  • Enjoy a romantic outing at a local winery
  • Host a wedding or event at our venue
  • Explore our winery processing area along with our 120-foot wine cave

We offer military discounts, discounts for wine industry employees and a wine club discount. You're welcome to bring food and pets with you on your trip.